Walter’s Wheelhouse formed in 2012 to play music with a groove that you'll know...Sheryl Crow, Santana, Pat Benatar, Meghan Trainor, Jack Johnson, even Guns 'N Roses and some Prince. The band: Janelle Kendall on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Dan Witte on lead guitar and vocals, Alex Kendall on percussion and vocals, John Kirchner on bass and vocals, Carter Vonderahe on keyboards and vocals, and Stephanie Swearingen on auxillary keyboards, fiddle, and vocals. 


2019 was another exciting and busy year for us--and we've got lots ahead in 2020, including the Olde Brick House for St. Patrick's Day,  April at the LaPlayette in St. Joe, a big Local Roots concert at the Paramount on May 1, Cold Spring Baseball’s Summer Fundraiser, the Steele County Free Fair (Friday night in 2020), and Rock 4 Alzheimer's—plus more in the planning process.  We’ll have lots of new music, including some originals, for the Paramount concert on May 1 and throughout 2020! 

The Band


On Guitar and Vocals

Janelle Kendall

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On Guitar and Vocals

Dan Witte

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On Bass Guitar

John Kirchner

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On the Drum Set

Alex Kendall

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On Auxillary Keyboards, Fiddle, and Vocals

Stephanie Swearingen

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On Keyboards and Vocals

Carter Vonderahe

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